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Whitewater Rafting for First Timers

a group of people on a raft in a body of water

Always listen to your guide.
Our guides here at Whitewater Rafting LLC are fully trained and equipped for any possible circumstance. You are on the raft to welcome the refreshing rapids and experience the beautiful canyon. Our guides are here to keep you safe; as long as you listen to our guide’s instructions, you will be protected and, most importantly, make the most of this new adventure.

Be prepared with the right attire.
Be prepared to get soaked! With this in mind, be sure to bring shoes with straps or ties, a bathing suit, sunscreen, and any dry-fit shirt. Also, stay away from cotton since this fabric absorbs more water, keeping you wet for longer.

Introduce yourselves to your fellow rafters
Trying something new is always a challenge; however, it makes it easier to do it as a team. The people in your boat will quickly become your family; therefore, introducing yourself will give you more comfort, making the trip even more enjoyable.

Have small children or do not want to get completely soaked? No problem, we have got you covered with our Short & Mild Rafting Trip.
This trip is great for anyone seeking a milder experience or trying rafting for the first time. This fun, scenic float with our experienced guides will keep everyone happy and safe. Easy class II rapids are a great introduction for young children or those who want to enjoy the river’s scenic beauty without getting soaked!

Check-in 45 minutes before your trip
Giving yourself ample time to prepare for your trip is always beneficial for any remaining questions or concerns. Once you are here, we will then be directing you on the next steps for your trip to stay safe and, above all, have fun.

Have fun!
Whitewater Rafting is a remarkable outdoor adventure and a great memory! To capitalize fully on this experience, relish the astounding views of Glenwood Canyon and the group on your raft.

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