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Colorado River Rafting For All Ages

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Some of the best summer days start something like this: Driving through the Glenwood Canyon, flipping through stations of static, laughing with your friends or family, an open blue sky above you. The day is wide open and the river is rushing beside you—why not get on it? While it’s fun to have your own gear and expertise, everyone has to start somewhere, and oftentimes that means pulling into a rafting parking lot with a couple old faded life jackets in the back seat and no idea what a T-grip is. That’s ok! That’s what we’re here for. Not only is a guided whitewater rafting trip a great way to enjoy new areas, try a new sport, and interact with the outdoors, it’s also an activity that can accommodate almost any range of ages you may have in your group. So who’s in your car on that beautiful summer day? Your grandma, your sister, your little son, your uncle? Let’s get them all on the river—here are some tips for Colorado river rafting for all ages.

At Whitewater Rafting LLC in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, there is a wide array of choices when selecting the trip that will be right for your group. Many of these decisions will depend on questions like: How much time would you like to spend on the river? How many miles are you hoping to cover? Have you ever been rafting before? And while these are all important questions, it’s also important to ask: What will be the safest and most fun trip for my unique group? Maybe we wouldn’t want to, for example, put a three-year-old in the same boat as the rowdy bachelor party who wants to hit all the big rapids, or the adrenaline-seeking newly weds on their honeymoon on boat full of little kids who want to do a short cruise down some flat water. All of that to say: You have options.

Our most popular trip is the Half Day. With five class three and four rapids to hit over nine miles and three hours, this trip packs a lot into a morning or afternoon, leaving you plenty of time to explore and enjoy the rest of Glenwood and the surrounding area. It also includes a twelve minute shuttle ride, certified guide, and all the equipment you’ll need (so you can leave those old life jackets in your car!) Feeling a little more adventurous? Maybe our Full Day is more your speed. With three extra hours, you’ll get a total of six hours on the beautiful and wild Colorado River, including a midday break for a prepared lunch. Covering 14-25 river miles is a blast in our whitewater boats, but if you’d like to shake it up after lunch, feel free to switch it out for kayaks or duckeys for a different experience the second half of your day! These trips are almost for all ages, but if your kiddo is under five years old, we recommend our Short and Mild trip.

With some mellower class two rapids, our Short and Mild whitewater rafting trip is perfect for little ones looking for an easier transition onto the river. On this excursion, our rafters will experience six miles of the Colorado River over 1.5 hours with all the accommodations of any other trip. This trip is especially useful for helping ease nerves that people sometimes feel towards a big and new experience like the river; A great way to get your feet wet—unless of course you don’t want to!

If your group’s focus is getting the most bang for your buck in terms of big rapids, you can cut out the chill float time of the other trips and come join our Double Shoshone trip! This trip runs two laps through the five different class three and four rapids, taking a different line each time to ensure a different experience with each run. This 1.5-2 hour trip is not geared towards the faint of heart; bring your psych, adrenaline, and Gatorade—you’ll want them all to conquer this beast of a trip! What? Not crazy enough? Well lucky for you, our guides are just as crazy as you are, and they’d love to take you on the DOUBLE EXTREME Shoshone trip! Much like the Double Shoshone, this trip runs two laps through five rapids and takes between 1.5-2 hours. The main difference is that Double Extreme uses smaller, 12-foot rafts to make the waves feel even bigger! Each boat holds 3-5 people who must all be at least 13 years old. Be prepared for big waves, teamwork, and maybe even some swimming!

If none of these trips feel like the perfect fit, there is always the option to book a private trip. This option allows you to customize your experience for your group, while ensuring privacy and a great time. Perfect for family reunions, parties, or romantic dates, this trip is ideal for groups of all ages, allowing you the flexibility of choosing where you go as well as promising a private shuttle and launch time. There is also an upgraded catered lunch as well as pre-stocked coolers to enjoy if you’d like.

With so many options, it can feel overwhelming picking the perfect trip—but don’t let it! You’re on vacation, remember? Colorado river rafting is for all ages and experience levels;

call Whitewater Rafting LLC at 970-945-8477 and let us help you create the perfect experience!

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