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Guide to Knowing What Whitewater Rapids are Right for You

a group of people riding skis on a raft in a body of water

Whitewater Rafting can differ from extreme to mild, but how do you know what types of rapids are suitable for you?

Let us clarify the rapid classes:

Class I rapids include the calm waters with little waves and a downstream current.

Class II rapids include broader white cap waves spaced apart, typically 1 to 3 ft.

Class III rapids include bigger waves up to 4 to 5 ft that will crash over the boat. In addition, the raft will typically have more of a narrower space to fit in between rocks.

Class IV rapids include larger and steeper waves, along with obstacles and narrow passages between rocks.

Class V rapids include more intense waves and currents and can consist of steep drops. These rapids you are more likely to flip.

Commercial outfitters for rafting companies are a safe way to go rafting because the state of Colorado requires all company raft guides to complete extensive training to take customers out on the river.

Here at Whitewater, we require all new raft guides to train at least 50 hours to be able to check out on each portion of the river. Additionally, to become a trip leader, raft guides need to complete 1,500 on the river.

Whitewater Rafting LLC has several trips to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for your group? Let’s break it down.

The Short and Mild Trip – This trip is recommended for customers looking for an easy, relaxing scenic float. This trip is great for families with small children from the ages of 2-4.

The half-day trip – This is our most popular and frequent trip, including great class III rapids on the Shoshone then a scenic path through the stunning Glenwood Canyon. This trip is great for anyone seeking adventure while also getting the chance to take in the views and fun stories about the area.

Full-Day Rafting Trip – This 6-hour rafting trip is great for anyone looking for a full-day activity on the water. The journey begins with a two-and-a-half-hour trip through class III rapids on the Shoshone and a scenic path through the stunning Glenwood Canyon. At lunchtime, you will then stop for a hot catered lunch at our private boathouse picnic area. For the next part of the trip, you will head back out on the river through the south canyon. Inflatable kayaks are included for this trip.

Double Shoshone Rafting Trip – This trip goes down the Shoshone rapids not once…but twice. On this two-hour rafting adventure, you will only go through the class III rapid section. This adventure is great for anybody who wants the thrill of Colorado River rapids.

Double extreme – This “Extreme” trip is in our smallest 12′ rafts for the most activity and fun! You will conquer the Shoshone rapids twice in this paddle-only raft, where your guide will depend on you for the ride of your life! A staff favorite and one of our most exciting adventures.

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