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Colorado Ebike tours


Ride further and steeper terrain with the Mountain eBike tour on the beautiful Colorado Sunlight Mountain without all the effort of hiking or biking on your own.

The electric bike will make you feel accomplished without exerting immense amounts of physical effort.

The tour, located in Glenwood Springs, uses Quietkat Apex eBikes, which includes five settings supplying little or a lot of assistance depending on your fitness level.

The goal is to make it to the top; however, safety is the company’s primary concern; therefore, their well-trained professionals will judge what trail to go on and whether to go to the top.

Once you have arrived, you will park at the Gashouse Restaurant, where you will meet your guide, who will give guidelines on how to ride the bike.

If you sign up for a trip with us at Whitewater Rafting LLC, you will receive a 10% discount on this awesome adventure.

You won’t regret this unique experience for your next escapade.

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